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    Tickets Claiming your free Stevenage tickets

    Tickets still available for STHs FOC this morning on the website, so the email from lunchtime yesterday either wasn’t accurate when stating 5pm expiry or they’ve not applied the cut off as they had planned to. We were unfortunate to be drawn away twice in the league cup, as those games would’ve...
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    Ref Watch Oufc v Gtfc 25/9/2021 League 1 Darren Drysdale

    Not seen the replay but on first viewing it didn’t appear as bad as Taylor’s tackle late on against Wycombe. The other tackle (in the loose term) that immediately sprang to mind, given the personnel involved, was McDonald’s attempt a few years ago whilst playing for us against the Swindon...
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    Matches Sunderland (a) - 9 October - IS postponed

    Noticed that the Ipswich away game also falls on an international weekend. So on the basis that their match at Wycombe was postponed last weekend it looks likely that will also be called off as well. As much as I’d love to travel to Sunderland and Ipswich, it’s not going to be very practical...
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    Home Match Build Up 9/5/2021 L1 OUFC v Burton Albion

    The only way we’ll finish above Blackpool is with them losing both games and us winning. Even with one goal margins in all three games, that would be sufficient for us to finish above them, as our goals scored tally is much higher than theirs. So a Doncaster win would be a bonus, but it’s a real...
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    IFollow cut out

    Thanks for sharing this - I had much the same experience so emailed off the back of reading this and have also got a full refund
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    IFollow cut out

    Same here. I know this weekend is supposed to be the social media boycott because of online abuse, but surely iFollow deserves everything it gets?
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    Matches 27/04/2021 - Playoff pack games

    The result of the Peterborough v Lincoln game tomorrow could well have some bearing on what sort of sides Lincoln and Hull play against Charlton next week. If Lincoln are out of the automatic picture, I wouldn’t blame them for resting key players ahead of the playoffs. If Hull are already...
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    Home Match Day Thread 30/01/2021 L1 OUFC v Fleetwood Town

    Hoping wearing this today won’t jinx the run
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    Matches 1st ST Ballot

    Which is interesting, as the ticket news article on 14th December stated: “The ballot for tickets for Boxing Day against AFC Wimbledon will be held on Wednesday and weighted in favour of fans who missed out tomorrow night.” Technically today is this week, but the wording suggests there could be...
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    Matches 1st ST Ballot

    On the official website it states 1,730 tickets were given to those in the ballot for the Northampton game (the remaining 270 split is 150 to 1893 club, 20 execs, 100 in corporate boxes). If this is the same number for the other two games it gives a total of 5,190 tickets available for those in...
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    General Supporters guide to attending matches

    Not received an email. Was a bit surprised when the club said only 60% of STHs applied as I was expecting it to be 80+%. Should mean I get the Boxing Day match, but if there’s no email for that either (when the club have said most will get 2 out of 3) it would point to an admin error with the...
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    Matches 1st ST Ballot

    But it’s coming with the risk that ST holders who are able to attend some of the games only getting a ticket or tickets for games they can’t attend. It’s quite possible that some will be away for the Boxing Day game or have work commitments or travel issues for the Tuesday night matches. And...
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    Matches 1st ST Ballot

    Hopefully those who can’t attend any games they get allocated let the club know so they can be reallocated, but with no incentive to do so it may well result in there being less than 2,000 attendees at these games. And of course a selection of ST holders who feel hard done by having gone to none...
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    Ref Watch +++ 13/07/20 L1 Play Off FINAL - OUFC v Wycombe+++

    Fond memories of Ningaloo and Exmouth. Is it Whale Shark and Manta Ray season at the moment?
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