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    General New Stadium plans

    Can't we use the blokes lack of understanding and untruths to discredit his argument going forward?
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    General New Stadium plans

    Why was no one there to speak in its favour? It felt loaded one way.
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    General New Stadium plans

    This breaks my heart
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    Transfer News January 2021/22 Transfer Window

    If Shipley isn't Championship quality what's the point?
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    Fan's View Cameron Brannagan

    Does this mean they value Thorniley at a similar price to Cameron?
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    Manager/Coach Karl Robinson.

    I wonder if their fitness dropped off in the second half of the extra time as some of them were already suffering some effects of covid? Just a thought . . .
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    Ref Watch OUFC V FTFC 23/11/2021 League 1 Ollie Yates

    We were brilliant that night!
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    Home Match Build Up 23/11/2021 L1: OUFC v Fleetwood Town

    How many first team players were Swindon missing?
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    General Stadium disrepair

    How terrible that people have to kick up a fuss to get basic cleanliness!
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    Transfer News Transfer Window Summer 21

    I'm not often rude about players representing our club but he was embarrassingly off it.
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    Transfer News Transfer Window Summer 21

    Here we go again!!
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    Matches First ever game watching Oxford United

    Yes I have a feeling we weren't given a prayer before the game.
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    Matches First ever game watching Oxford United

    Sometime in 1977. I have the programmes somewhere to prove it. The first game I remember is v Charlton around 1980. I think Derek Hayles was playing for them. Won 1-0 and I have a memory of Ian Greaves having just started with us. That was the beginning of the rise.
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